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Welfare of the Monarchy

15.9.16 - 16.12.16

Artist: Raya Brukenthal
Curator: Sally Heftel Nave

The exhibition examines the visual language of Belz Hasidic dynasty, on its stylistic and iconographic aspects. Brukenthal traces the artistic affinity of this language, offering a glimpse into the visual motif in contemporary the Jewish Orthodox culture. This motif serves the community as an unmediated symbol that connects the earthly and the spiritual, while also functioning as a signifier of authority and power that position the Belz Hasidic court as an independent political entity.


Detail from preparatory sketches and computer simulations for an installation. Each panel 20x21cm.


Art Cube Artists' Studios

Art Cube Artists' Studios complex in Talpiot is a center for contemporary culture which offers a rich and inspiring work environment for visual artists. The complex is comprised of subsidized studio spaces for Jerusalem-based artists, a gallerywhich holds temporary exhibitions, curatorial visitsand public lectures, as well as an international residency program that includes collaborations with Israeli and international art institutions. In addition to these activities, the Art Cube Artists' Studios also houses Manofim –Contemporary Art in Jerusalem.

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