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29.10 | Artist’s Appointment


One-on-one sessions with Jerusalem based artists



Regular Online Ticket – 40 NIS

Students Online Ticket – 30 NIS


Each appointment is 45-60 min. Limited number of participants.


★★ To view the full list of artists and to make an appointment, click here ★★ 


Photo: Gitai Silver




The Pendulum


Pendulum – a weight suspended from a string, moving without rest, unable to stop, like the nomad who moves from one edge to the other in his travels. The nomad lives without stopping, he must continue to try and arrive at new places, places that exist only in the imagination. The nomad lives in uncertainty, without knowing, without any fixed routine. The nomad who travels without – spiritual or physical – portable property that can hinder his movement, moves freely through space. The nomadic entity recognizes the need to allow new ideas to evolve and embark on a spiritual journey to the unknown, asking to let go of the burden of existence and liberate oneself. Even when he is tired, he has to keep moving, to continue and choose: left or right, black or white. The constant movement is repetitive, rhythmic. The sway of the pendulum can bring the nomad’s soul to the edge of the chasm yet he must continue to choose, to move. He must continue to wander.


The artists featured in the 2020 Artist Appointment explore their own wanderings: personal, family, and global journeys. Each artist moves in a different path that you can join for a one-time experience, an invitation to rethink the pendulum movement that accompanies us in everyday choices that shape our lives.


Curator: Moran Sulmirski Noam

Production: Art Cube Artists’ Studios team

Manofim artistic directors: Rinat Edelstein and Lee He Shulov