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New and standing art in Talpiot

A Virtual tour at the Art Cube Artists’ Studios

Wednesday 28.10.20


In this tour we invite you to explore the complex of Art Cube Artists’ Studios in Talpiot. come and Get to know the studios and the rich  artistic activity and visit the exhibitions that are on display. We will start with the ‘Sunset’ exhibition by the artist Einat Arif Galanti, which deals with the ecological state of the Mediterranean as it is reflected from the artist’s camera. And we will continue to a preview peek of the new exhibitions that will open as part of the Manofim Festival: An Artist wall exhibition by the artists Adina Camhy and Dan Robert Lahiani, ‘Dimensions of a floor’-  a dialogical work in progress, conducted between Austria and Israel, and manifested via performative interventions in audiovisual and photographic forms. And we’ll and with Lieke van der Made’s mini-exhibition in the Art Cube Artists’ Studios Vitrine. A product of her research of looted artifacts in museums in and around Jerusalem, alongside its ethical and political implications.

The tour will be led by Tsurit Stern, a tour guide and an artist living in Jerusalem, the Programming and education coordinator at the Art Cube Artists’ Studios.