Photo by: Yair Meyuhas
Photo by: Yair Meyuhas

Elements | At Night I Am Everybody

Thursday, 11.07.24 | 19:00 | Performance at Hansen House

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Biographies have exhausted themselves. We must move on. Escape the political thicket of identity in order to soar to a different dimension, where I am – everybody. The piece “At Night I Am Everybody” is performed by a cast of diverse identities (in age, gender, ethincity, et cetera), in tribute to that which is shared by and connects everybody. Along with the act of dancing, we will seek to connect and discover deeper shared dimensions than those apparent on the outside. The piece asks what is a shared movement? How can all those present in the room feel and sense together, without adjusting and looking the same as each other? How can we let go of the narrative of a private history as one that frames subjective identity, and aim towards a collective abstract dimension in which I am everybody?

Choreography: Shaked Mochiach

Costume Design: Kim Teitelbaum

Lighting: Rotem Elroy

Music: Daniel Koren

Rehearsal Management: Michael Yalon

Participants: Omer Uziel, Guy-Tamar Levy, וונינה לו, סמרת היילו, Ella Keidar-Greenberg

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