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Debriefing Session is a one-on-one meeting with a Public Movement Agent staged in a secret room within KW, Berlin. During this intimate encounter, the agent unfolds Public Movement’s research about modern art made in Palestine before 1948, and its absence from the Israeli narrative. While exploring notions of normalization, institutional memory, and national identity, the participant identifies art as a tool in the production of ideology, evoking questions about knowledge, appropriation, and responsibility. Debriefing Session imagines a civic voice, a whispering of history that turns the listener into an agent of information.

The episode felt like it could have taken place in an espionage film or a government building just as easily as a museum. Indeed, the information conveyed during the session reinforced the tenuous connection between “truth” and “reality” as well as the firm one between the nation-state and museum.

Debriefing Session was created by Dana Yahalomi and Alhena Katsof

Public Movement Agent: Nir Shauloff

Research 2013-2015: Hagar Ophir

Research and Development: Nir Shauloff and Dana Yahalomi

Studio Manager: Yaelle Ben-Ami


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