The Mixer | “Pictures at an Exhibition” – musical paintings and open questions about undefined thoughts

Saturday 13.07 | 20:30 – doors open | 21:00 curtain-up

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With: Shalosh / guest artists: Maya Belsitzman, Daniella Tourgeman, Rebel Sun and Tula Ben Ari

In the winter of 1874, after the death of the painter Viktor Hartmann, the Russian musician Mussorgsky composed a ten-part work, dedicated to the memory of his painter friend, called “Pictures at an Exhibition”. The movements he wrote simulated the feeling of observing the paintings of the deceased, and interwoven between them were interludes which described the feeling of the visitor passing through the paintings in the exhibition.

While words have the power to convey a precise and poignant message, music actually has the ability to hold multiple messages at once, to hold a wonderful complexity between us, and to send each of us to a completely different place. For the concert that closes the Manofim Festival of 2024, the international jazz band Shalosh will be joined by the colorful musicians Maya Belsitzman, Daniella Turgeman, Rebel Sun and Tula Ben Ari, and together with them we will embark on a journey between images that might have not yet been created or are already embedded in our collective consciousness for entire generations. During the concert, we will move between the realm of abstract improvisation and songs which were chosen specially for its decoration, and which will try to guide us through the exhibition in our pulsating imagination.

Gadi Stern – Piano

David Michaeli – Double bass

Matan Assayag – Drums

Maya Belsitzman – Cello and vocals

Daniella Tourgeman – Vocals

Tal TULA Ben Ari – Vocals

Rebel Sun – Rap

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