Photo by: Noam Amir
Photo by: Noam Amir

Opening performance – The Great Gehenna Choir at the Dormition Church

Tuesday 09.07 20:00

The Great Gehenna Choir is an artistic collective founded in Jerusalem in 2015 as an alternative to the concept of a traditional “choir”, where the choir members work and create together collaboratively.

The choir was founded by and is a project of the “Mamuta” Art and Research Center.

Choir members come from varied backgrounds; some are classical singers, some composers, singer-creators, musicians, or interdisciplinary artists. The choir’s works take shape from rehearsal to rehearsal, echoing the relationship between the personal and the collective. All works are written and composed by choir members, to be performed exclusively by the choir.

The choir’s performative events are loosely constructed as open gatherings that move between moments of rapture and power alongside moments of attentiveness, fragility and vulnerability. The audience is also invited to take part in song – while some sections of the choir’s songs are surprisingly complex and require much training and vocal virtuosity, others are based on improvisation or use simple and repetitive parts that lend themselves to fast study.

From its inception, the choir has performed around Israel in a variety of venues: museums, theatres, natural springs, hillsides, and outdoor markets. Each performance is adapted to its performance space.

Choir members:
Noam Ahdut / Raanan Amir / Avner M Amit /  Lia Amit / Amit Fishbein /
Aleksander Fisz / Tamir Friedrich  / Ariel Leykin / Tamara Nishri / Sapir Rosenblatt / Elia Talbar Reznik / Natan Skop / Elana Snitman / Michal Tamari / Shahar Sorek / Tal Shani / Shoval Yaniv / Tom Silberberg / Tony Trotoush / Guy Vinogradov

Entry to the show is included in the ticket price for the opening night, if you have not yet purchased a ticket for the opening night of the exhibition you can do so here:

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