'4 Fantasies and a Monkey' by Yossi Berg & Oded Graf, photo: Vojtěch Brtnický
‘4 Fantasies and a Monkey’ by Yossi Berg & Oded Graf, photo: Vojtěch Brtnický


Stage performances and exhibitions converge

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In times like these, it seems that the only thing left for us to do is to believe. Believe in the possibility of a better future, and in our power to bring it about. Elements  – a selection of performances – will seek to enable art to evoke the beliefs that lie within us, the hope that has been forgotten, and to remind us that the power to survive or to make a change is hidden inside of us. We aim to awaken the desire for connection, for cooperation, for a more beneficial relationship with the environment, and for the power of art to tie all of these together. 

With the Elements selection you can visit contemporary art galleries throughout the city and experience dance pieces, performance art, experimental music, choir concerts and more. All of these will combine into a diverse, multifaceted and multi-recipient prayer, which believes in different forms of action that are based on the aspiration for goodness and shared existence. 

Shirel Horowitz and Maya Sharabani will collaborate at A Studio of Her Own, in a performance which shares their friendship with the audience and demonstrates the creative and artistic potential that lies within a close interpersonal relationship.

As you lay down on a mattress, you can meet vocal artist Yosefa Zaouch and listen to her singing at the Jerusalem Print Workshop. Zaush will sing caressing, soothing lullabies from the Jewish scriptures, some well-known and some original. The concert will lead you into a healing and liberating experience that will connect heart and soul and allow rest and relaxation.

For the Koresh 14 gallery, Maayan Liebman Sharon has created a performance that combines poetry, which will be read by the poet Tchelet Zohar, with dance, which will be performed by the dancer Yulia Mejetskaya. The performance will celebrate the power of collaboration between people and between different media.

At Hansen House, Shaked Mochiach will present “At Night I Am Everybody”, a dance piece that is performed by a group of diverse participants (of different ages, genders, ethnicities, et cetera). Through the act of dancing, they will connect and together discover shared dimensions, deeper than what is apparent on the outside.

At Ticho House, Gai Sherf will perform in a forest of instruments of his own making. These will be activated by the wind, the audience and additional performers who will accompany him for a single, special evening.

Nico Teen will perform at the New Gallery Artists Studios in Teddy Stadium, at the closing event of the exhibition “Girls Just Wanna”, which deals with the feminine creative tradition and its power to create change, in the art world specifically and in the world in general.

At Marie Gallery, Yishai Liessner will present “Scary Clothes from Jerusalem”, a performance revolving around the clothing line he designs. The performance will combine different motifs from the city of Jerusalem, which is sacred for many faiths, but sometimes needs people to believe in it.

Jonathan Omer Mizrahi, whose solo exhibition “ÆFFEKTA DEFEKTA” will open at the Art Cube Artists Studios gallery, will collaborate with Avital Geva – a conceptual artist, an educator and the founder of the Ecological Greenhouse at Ein Shemer, which is featured in the exhibition – and together they will perform a piece that centers around questions regarding tradition and the possibility of a shared vision.

Next to the Artists Studios, at Davidov Auto Center, Yossi Berg and Oded Graf will perform their dance piece “4 Fantasies and a Monkey”, in which dancers and audience meet to be together, imagine, create worlds, and remind each other the possibility of escaping the dullness of everyday life. The piece is inspired by Peter Brook’s mythological book “The Empty Space”, in which he describes the roles of the theatrical experience and its necessity for the lonely soul.

Elements will be concluded on Saturday by the Jerusalem Vocal Consort, in a concert that is a prayer for peace, assembled from Renaissance- and Baroque-era chants. The lyrics of the chants are taken from various peace prayers which appear in the Jewish, Christian and Islamic scriptures.


So that the Skies will Join

18:00-19:15Shirel Horowitz and Maya Sharabani
A Studio of Her Own

Shirel Horowitz and Maya Sharabani will inhabit the space of A Studio of Her Own and for one evening create a performance which will take form in collaboration with the audience. During the performance 2D and 3D pieces will accumulate, next to which the artists will explore, share and tell personal stories that will provide a glimpse of their relationship; a relationship of friendship, creativity and mutual inspiration. For them, these constitute the possibility of power and faith.

Photo by: Vered Hadad
Photo by: Vered Hadad


19:00-19:40Gai Sherf
Ticho House garden, 10 HaRav Agan St.

Instruments built by Gai Sherf are placed at the Ticho House garden. They are activated by moving them, sending sounds into the air, like ancient devices of long distance communication and signaling. The garden, filled with sound-producing objects, invites spontaneous musical interaction and offers a space for listening and playing together. Through the evening, several musicians will join for an improvised concert, and will together create a sonic space and animate the “playing forest”, introducing other instruments into it.

The soundtrack for Talia Hoffman’s film “Man-Made”, which is featured in the exhibition “Recollection” at Ticho House, was created using the instruments placed at the center of the garden. The film follows the ecosystem of Yatir forest as a metaphor for Israel’s existence to the east of the Mediterranean Sea, and raises questions regarding ownership of the land. The performance, the film and the exhibition arouse contemplations of our beliefs relating to the earth, landscapes and nature.

The performance was created with the support of the Israel Museum and the Visual Arts Department of the Jerusalem Municipality

Thalia Hoffman, A Man-Made Tale (detail), 2024, Video, 51 min, Photography: Ran Moncaz
Thalia Hoffman, A Man-Made Tale (detail), 2024, Video, 51 min, Photography: Ran Moncaz

Motus Tardus

20:00Ehud Lax
Ha-Ma'aravim St 3, Jerusalem

A dialogical performance between sound, man and machine – musician and sound technician Ehud Lax will create a series of real-time sound interventions in the installation “Body of Time” created by artist Michael Shilo (curator: Avital Wechsler). The installation, made of mechanical parts and sensory motors, will respond to surprising signals and sounds which will breathe new life into it and discover what it is that time and sound record in the body of the machine.

Whispers for the Soul

20:00-20:40Yosefa Zaouch
Jerusalem Print Workshop, 38 Shivtei Israel St.

“Whispers for the Soul” is a meditative, healing vocal performance that combines Lullabies from across the globe with soothing, caressing songs from the jewish scriptures, some well-known and some original. The performance leads the listener to relaxation, which in turn leads to a healing and liberating experience, connects heart and soul, and allows for rest and calmness. During the performance, the audience Lies down on mats and mattresses, for an optimally relaxing experience.

Photo by: Keren Rosenberg
Photo by: Keren Rosenberg

At Night I Am Everybody

19:00-19:40Shaked Mochiach
The attic at Hansen House, 14 Gedalyahu Alon St.

Biographies have exhausted themselves. We must move on. Escape the political thicket of identity in order to soar to a different dimension, where I am – everybody. The piece “At Night I Am Everybody” is performed by a cast of diverse identities (in age, gender, ethincity, et cetera), in tribute to that which is shared by and connects everybody. Along with the act of dancing, we will seek to connect and discover deeper shared dimensions than those apparent on the outside. The piece asks what is a shared movement? How can all those present in the room feel and sense together, without adjusting and looking the same as each other? How can we let go of the narrative of a private history as one that frames subjective identity, and aim towards a collective abstract dimension in which I am everybody?

Choreography: Shaked Mochiach

Costume Design: Kim Teitelbaum

Lighting: Rotem Elroy

Music: Daniel Koren

Rehearsal Management: Michael Yalon

Participants: Omer Uziel, Guy-Tamar Levy, וונינה לו, סמרת היילו, Ella Keidar-Greenberg

Photo by: Yair Meyuhas
Photo by: Yair Meyuhas

Between Poetry and Dance

20:00-20:20Maayan Liebman Sharon
Koresh 14 gallery, 14 Koresh St., entrance D, downstairs

The performance “Between Poetry and Dance” brings together dance and spoken poetry in the space of the exhibition “Between a Kiss and a Fist”. In the space between the spoken word, the visual art piece, and the dancing body, a dialogue will take place between the different media, which are affected by each other and by the exhibition, as they combine into a duet for the stage. The exhibition deals with the range of possibilities that exists in a relationship and with the physical and emotional distance between partners, an emotional range of expressions of intimacy in conjunction with separation and a collapse of the relationship, which bring about pain. The performance will deal with relationships, between people and between different artistic media, and will examine how we can make the best of both the kiss and the fist.

Choreography: Maayan Liebman Sharon

Spoken Poetry: Tchelet Zohar

Dancer and Co-creator: Yulia Mejetskaya

Photo by: Katya Elior
Photo by: Katya Elior

Scary Clothes from Jerusalem

21:00-21:30Yishai Leissner
Marie gallery, 12 Agripas St. (entrance is from Haim Alboher alley)

On the stair of Marie gallery, and with a soundtrack that will be played live by a veteran Jerusalem street musician, a performative fashion show by the designer Yishai Leissner will be held, departing from outside the gallery towards the staircase and gathering at the inner courtyard. The models will be dressed in clothes designed by Leissner as they walk the runway, though they will reach its end dressed as a different character, which characterizes the city of Jerusalem. Leissner, who designs a clothing line named “Scary Clothes from Jerusalem”, was born and raised in the city and deals with the space of Jerusalem through the clothes he creates, from the maximal use of the fabrics he finds and collects, through the box-like figures which evoke ancient and almost biblical imagery, to the places in which they are presented – iconic urban spaces in Jerusalem. The choice of creating in Jerusalem, and the faith in its creative power, stand at the basis of the performance.

Photo by: Hadar Porat
Photo by: Hadar Porat

Nostalgia, Deconstruction and Pop Music at the Exhibition Girls Just Wanna

12:00-12:40Nico Teen (Zohar Shafir)
The New Gallery Artists Studios Teddy, Gate 22, Teddy Stadium, 1 Agudat HaSport Beitar Road

Nico Teen’s creative Processes include composition and manipulation using tapes, archive materials and various electronic instruments. In the performance “Girls Just Wanna”, which is influenced by the exhibition on display, she will deal with disassembling and reassembling forms which are typical to Pop music, and explore vocal expression through original text of the same genre.

Vocals: Zohar Shafir

Bass: Shahar Yahalom

Drums: Aviv Ezra

Photo by: Goni Riskin
Photo by: Goni Riskin


13:00-13:50Jonathan Omer Mizrahi and Avital Geva
Art Cube Artists Studios, 26 HaOman St., 3rd floor

“Horizon” – a collaborative performance by Jonathan Omer Mizrahi and Avital Geva, ini which they join forces in front of an audience,  in painting and text which center around questions regarding tradition and the possibility of a shared vision.

In his solo exhibition “ÆFFEKTA DEFEKTA” which will open at the Artists Studios, Jonathan Omer Mizrahi presents a film trilogy he created in various greenhouses, one of which is Avital Geva’s greenhouse in Ein Shemer. Avital Geva is a conceptual artist, an educator and the founder of the Ecological Greenhouse at Ein Shemer, which is featured in the exhibition. Geva represented Israel with the Greenhouse work in the Israeli pavilion at the 1993 Venice Biennale.

Photo by: Jonathan Omer Mizrahi
Photo by: Jonathan Omer Mizrahi

4 Fantasies and a Monkey

14:00-15:00Yossi Berg and Oded Graf
Davidov Auto Center, 26 HaOman St.

Today, the empty space turns into a playground, a diving into the depths of the subconscious, an associative fluctuation between pieces of identity, taking off masks and putting them on. A night-time walk between realism and fantasy. We meet in order to be together, to examine ourselves being a multitude, being a body, to imagine, to create worlds, and to remind each other of the possibility of escaping the dullness of everyday life.

The piece is inspired by Peter Brook’s mythological book “The Empty Space”, in which he describes the roles of the theatrical experience and its necessity for the lonely soul.

Concept and Choreography: Yossi Berg and Oded Graf

Performers and Co-creators: Ziv Bsor, Amit Zaretzky, Oded Graf,Tamar Kish

Costume Design: Ilanit Shamia

Lighting: Yoav Barel

Musical Consultant: Binya Reches

External Eye: Rachel Ardos

Band Website: www.yossioded.com

An original production of Machol Shalem Dance House in Jerusalem, the Mifal HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts, Rabinovich Foundation, Tel Aviv Municipality, Ministry of Culture and Sports

'4 Fantasies and a Monkey' by Yossi Berg & Oded Graf, photo: Vojtěch Brtnický
'4 Fantasies and a Monkey' by Yossi Berg & Oded Graf, photo: Vojtěch Brtnický

Peace Prayer Concert

12:00-13:30The Jerusalem Vocal Consort
Jerusalem Artists House, 12 Shmuel HaNagid St.

An entire concert of prayer and praise, sung in different languages and drawn from Judeo-Christian liturgy. At a time of war and loss, the concert seeks to channel the power of music and its abilities, and especially the pureness of Renaissance- and Baroque-era vocal music, in order to build human connections and bring about comfort and consolation. The chants will return to their original role as heart opening devices for establishing dialogue with the divine, In hope and faith in life and peace, as it was done from ancient times to our own times.

Photo by: Tal Galon
Photo by: Tal Galon

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