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Wednesday, 10.07.24 | 20:00 | Performance at HaMiffal

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A dialogical performance between sound, man and machine – musician and sound technician Ehud Lax will create a series of real-time sound interventions in the installation “Body of Time” created by artist Michael Shilo (curator: Avital Wechsler). The installation, made of mechanical parts and sensory motors, will respond to surprising signals and sounds which will breathe new life into it and discover what it is that time and sound record in the body of the machine.

Alongside the performance, in the exhibition “H(is)tories” (curator: Avshalom Suliman), artist Lee Barbu will set up a temporary studio, dedicated to photographing family textile items. The audience is invited to bring fabric and textile items that carry with them stories and memories – tablecloths, napkins, pillowcases, blankets, anyything that makes a place a home. The artist will listen to the stories of the items and document them in photography, a digital copy will be sent to the participants. The images will become a digital collage, a large quilt composed of the human tapestry of the visitors of HaMiffal and the participants of the project.

Artist Sally Krysztal will embroider and talk to the audience about homes and memories. Krysztal traces the original terrazzo wetile model of the Seraphim House in which HaMiffal is located. As an artist sensitive to traditions of handicrafts and traditional arts, Krysztal tried to extract from the generic abstract models an echo of the fate of the household members. She turns the clues she found into embroidery work that expands before your eyes.

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