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Manofim Tours, our festival tour program, will continue its activity with this year’s edition, which will present an extended format adding even more excursions than before to make sure you will not miss the vast array of exhibitions that the festival and Jerusalem have to offer. In addition to the exhibitions that we will be able to attend before their official opening to the public, this year we focus on art in the public space of the city, getting to know the sculptures, murals, mosaics and outdoor works you have always been wondering about. All excursions will be walking tours, divided into the different areas of the city, led by Dvir Shaked, curator and art tour guide that has been leading Manofim’s tour program for the past three years.

Each tour is approx. 2 hours

Please note – the tours are contingent on minimum number of participants.

**The tours will be held in Hebrew**


Nevi’im Street

10:00-12:00Musrara Art Gallery * Jerusalem Print Workshop * Azrieli Gallery * Art in the public space: Micha Ulman
Shivtei Israel 22 St.

The tour will begin at the Musrara School, with Yitzhak Yerushalmi’s exhibition “Yitzhak Yerushalmi: XX” (Curation: Albert Suisa). From there we will continue to the Jerusalem Print Workshop, to visit the “Mashkof in Print” exhibition presenting the work of the Jerusalem artists collective “Mashkof” (Curation: Meirav Hamburger and Arik Kilemnik), and receive explanations regarding the historical building, the print workshop and various printing techniques. The third stop of the tour will be at the Azrieli Gallery at Hadassah College, where we will visit the “Little Sokolov” group exhibition (Curation: Monica Lavie and Tali Kayam). The tour will end with Micha Ulman’s “Water” located at Zion Square.



09:30-11:30Hansen House * Mamuta * The Tea House * Studio of Her Own in the Painter’s House Litvinovsky * Art in the public space: Yechiel Shemi
Next to the wooden tower at Hansen House’s courtyard, 14 Gedaliah Alon St.

The first tour of the festival will be in the vicinity of the Hansen House (Beit Hansen). We will begin our tour by getting to know the historical building of the Hansen House and visit the basement floor where we will get acquainted with the Mamuta Art and Research Center and take a walk around the “The Private Press in the Small Room” exhibition by Ariel Wardi and Hadassa Goldwicht (Curation: Sala-Manca and Ada Wardi). Afterwards, we will climb back up to Hansen House’s historical exhibition and its gallery, where Guy Goldstein’s solo exhibition “A Smart House in a Dumb Body” (Curation: Vardit Gross) will be presented. Moving on to Hansen House’s backyard we will visit the “Tea House” (Bet Ha’te) sound gallery, where we will listen to Daniel Kiczales’s solo exhibition “Spirits” (Curation: Amir Boltzman). Next, we will be crossing the road to the main plaza of the Jerusalem Theater, where we will get to know Yehiel Shemi’s sculptures that are incorporated in the building and its entrance. We will end the tour in “A Studio of Her Own” at the Jerusalem Artist’s House and visit Nasrin Abu Baker’s exhibition “Family Business” (Curation: Meital Manor), as well as Moran Kliger’s “Correspondence” (Curation: Meital Manor), and Hamutal Bar Cohen’s “Brutto” (Curation: Ron Bartosh). Finally, we will be allowed a glimpse into the storage facility that houses the estate of late artist Pinhas Litvinovsky.

photo: Daniel Hanoch
photo: Daniel Hanoch

Running Tour and Outdoor Sculptures

09:30-11:30Dwek Gallery * The Tropical Conservatory Gallery (At the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens) * Art in the public space: Gabriel Klasmer, Dov Heller, Ezra Orion and Yechiel Shemi
Bloomfield Garden fountain (next to the corner of King David and Keren HaYesod Streets)

The tour will begin with a warm-up and explanation next to the “The Threshold of Jerusalem” sculpture by Swiss artist Jean Arp at the Atzmaut Garden. From there we will jog at the group’s leisurely pace to Bloomfield Garden and get to know the outdoor sculptures there. After stopping at the Dwek Gallery at Mishkenot Sha’ananim, we will visit Saeed Abu Shakra’s exhibition “The Small Hours of the Night” (Curation: Nurit Tal Tene), and end the tour with stretching exercises next to the “Car in the Sun” sculpture by artist Gabriel Klasmer at the David Remez square, and enjoy a cold beverage at the Tahana compound.

Please bring suitable running apparel and a hat. In any case of medical restrictions, please let us know. Difficulty level: medium.

Finishing point: The Tropical Conservatory Gallery (At the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens).

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