photo: Daniel Hanoch
photo: Daniel Hanoch

The Mixer

Manofim Festival's Musical Performance Series

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Whether you have attended the exhibitions, tours or conference of the Manofim Festival, we are happy to invite you to a series of musical performances curated and inspired by the events of the week. The series serves not only to musically mirror the exhibitions included in this year’s festival, but significantly links these to unique musical worlds.

Music and the museum – both rely on the same muse, and it is this muse that we hope has guided us in our journeys across the multiplicity of layers that is the city of Jerusalem.  In searching for an existing harmony between the various ideas and artists, the quest undertaken created a path moving between the geological-musical strata of Jerusalem’s center, between sounds from different places and different eras, and not least, the individual’s journey that readily moves from the realms of the heard to those of the seen.

The Mixer series will continue to spin sounds and audiences on two cool and crisp Jerusalem evenings in October, and a Friday-noon chill event that will take place on the rooftop of the 

Artists’ Cube Workshop, creating fresh, new, and unheard musical linkages.


Tribute to ‘The Casette’ by Nosei Hamigba’at | Opening show: Tualet

20:30 – doors open | 21:00 – curtain-up
Rooftop of the School for Visual Theater, Bezalel 11, Jerusalem Campus of Arts

Even though downtown Jerusalem is located at the literal center of the city, it has been home to the local counter and marginal cultures that have thrived in and around it. In this special evening at the recently opened art school campus, we will dive int the geological strata of the early 1990s, celebrating then and now.

‘The Casette’ by Nosei Hamigba’at was a groundbreaking album in the history of Israeli alternative rock music, having aged well and remaining as unique and vibrant as when it was first released in 1988. The rough and original music made in Jerusalem at a time when New Wave and Post-punk ruled the world of alternative music, introduced an experimental, raw and powerful sound to the Israeli scene, one which had not been heard before. It was unlike anything else, and yet contained a variety of influences. An entire generation shouted out, sang, went crazy for, and identified with the songs, some of which became dancefloor anthems that are still played in clubs today.

On Wednesday Tamir Albert from the original band, together with Yael Brener (keyboards), Elad Cohen Bonen (Drums) and Nimshi (Bass) will perform in a special tribute show as part of the Manofim Festival in Jerusalem. The show will take place on the rooftop of the Visual Theater School, near the former Gerard Bechar Center, whose cellar housed some of the constitutive shows in the culture of Jerusalem’s city center, and the mythical Pargod Theater where several of the most important performance in 1990s Jerusalem were held.
The show will be opened by the local band, Tualet: Yoyo Broid, Eden Akshoti and Yaara Haim, with their bare and relentless music in an energetic performance of local and sensual electro-alternative.

What began in a dingy shared apartment, will take center stage as an independent and refreshing sound that pierces the heart of the city center scene. Their debut EP has recently been released on Garzen Records, and they are more than ready for a downtown Jerusalem party.

We will be celebrating the folds of time and sound, linking the alternatives of then to those of today.

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Naarot Raines host Hila Ruach

20:30 doors open | 21:30 curtain-up
Hansen House, 14 Gedaliah Alon St.

Guy Goldstein’s exhibition that will open the week before at Hansen House is concerned with the relation between the private and the public and the influence of historical events on the present and the future.

As part of the “Up Top: Manofim Festival X Hansen House” event, Goldstein will join his friends in the band Naarot Reines for whom he plays bass in an evening of electrifying rock. The band released two albums and gathered a loyal fan base, as well as garnering accolades and praise for their music. The band never officially dismantled, even though their last album dates to 2012. After 11 years, Naarot Reines are back with a renewed formation to once again bring down every house they play.

As a special performance for Manofim, the band will be hosting singer/songwriter Hila Ruach, Israeli Indie princess that could have easily been queen, but such is the world of independent rock: less is more.

Hila Ruach takes the stage by storm, exploding in her singular vocal capacities that exhibit her talent for translating texts into song. Bursting with charisma and unparalleled artistic courage, Ruach continues to expand her own artistic range. She writes, composes, and produces, having released four albums to date, acted in a short film and composed Yona Wolach’s poetry without a shred of hesitation. We can’t wait to see what more is in store as she continues her incredible artistic path.

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Hila Ruach, photo by Meir Cohen
Hila Ruach, photo by Meir Cohen


13:00 – doors open | 13:30 curtain-up
The roof of the Art Cube Artists Studios, Ha’Oman 26

Chill on the rooftop of the Artists’ Cube Workshop, on a Jerusalem Friday-noon filled with music and people.
Distinguished electronic beat musicians and DJ’s leave the studio to cooperate on a live acoustic show, especially for the festival, accommodating the unique Jerusalem hues: live singing and acoustic instruments that have centuries long tradition will be joined by the beat and sounds of cutting edge music technologies.
DJ and producer Ohad Alkoby, creating sounds and beats from the depth of Pisgat Zeev’s un-conscious, will host Kanun player Yael Lavie and the Steps Ensemble, with beats from East Jerusalem in a session of romping Darbuka music.
They will be followed by the Master of keys: top DJ, musician and musical producer, the life of the Electro-Hafla scene, Haim Laroz. Bouncing between DJing in LA, studio sessions and fronting the Laroz Camel Riders label, Laroz will DJ a set, hosting Tamar Shawky who after years of playing and singing Western music, has decided to reconnect with her roots. Shawky is the granddaughter of Amal and Salim Shawky, renowned musicians in the Arab world before having immigrated to Israel from Lebanon in the early 1960s, straight into the mythological Israeli Broadcasting Association Orchestra.
In this single, continuous event that celebrates new and refreshing music, the guest performers will take us between and beyond stylish beats and ancient sounds, inhabiting rich and surprising musical worlds.

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Beats: DJ Ohad
Kanun: Yael Lavie
Darbuka: Steps ensemble
Beats: Laroz
Singing: Tamar Shawki

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