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Anna Ticho: Landscape Rhythms

Opening: 25.10/18 at 20:00 PM - Closing: 27.10.18

Artist: Anna Ticho
Curator: Irena Gordon

The Jerusalem Print Workshop, in collaboration with the Israel Museum, presents a selection of landscape etchings by artist Anna Ticho (some of which were created at Workshop in the 1970s). The etchings emphasize the linear quality of Ticho’s work, the rhythmic nuances that convey a sense of primordial infiniteness in the Jerusalemite landscape, and the power of the image that oscillates between formation and disintegration.


Anna Ticho, Landscape, 1975

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Jerusalem Print Workshop

  The Jerusalem Print Workshop is a center dedicated to the promotion and fostering of the art of printmaking. The workshop was founded in 1974 by Arik Kilemnik – winner of the 2001 Teddy Kollek Jerusalem Foundation Prize – as a non-profit organization. Since 1977 the workshop is located in a picturesque building from the Ottoman period in Morasha neighborhood, on the seam line between east and west Jerusalem. The Workshop wishes to be a home to Jerusalem based artists and artistic creation that will integrate traditional techniques with innovative technologies, and thus form a direct link to the glorious tradition of Hebrew print in Jerusalem and in the Land of Israel.
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