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Lev Talpiot

29.12.12 - 16.3.13

Artist: Gustavo Sagorsky
Curator: Orit Siman-Tov

The exhibition features Gustavo Sagorsky’s photography project, 
created in the framework of “City Slivers”.

“City Slivers” project, which is now in its third year, has been gradually forming a complex picture of an old-new city in the making. This year, four photographers – Gustavo Sagorsky, Galia Gur Zeev, Yaniv Waissa and Yaakov Israel – provide photographic cross sections of Givat Shaul, Jaffa Street, Beit HaKerem and Talpiot.

03/01/13 Lecture by curator Dina Ikrson

10/01/13 Studio Artist talk – Gustavo Sgorsky host Liat Lavi, Studio 7

24/01/13 Lecture – Uriel Cone / Jerusalem fiction – the actual destruction of the city, building imaginary city

07/02/13 Artist Meeting- Yaniv Weisse, Galia Gur Zeev, Jacob Israel

Exploring the body of work of three photographers who participated in the City segments project

A meeting led by the artist and initiator of the project – Orit Siman Tov.

02/23/13 Sat 20:00 – exhibition closing event – Karamazov Sisters  – Ariel Ken, Pauline Fogel, violinist Lurie and Nir Matarasso.

Exhibition City segments project were made possible by the generous support of:

Cultural Department of the Jerusalem Foundation and the Jerusalem Municipality – Department of Culture.


Jerusalem is one of the most interesting cities in the world and has a long and rich history of religious, cultural, and politics. As a city of stitches, it functions as a crossroads between the worlds major cultural, religious, national, and geographers, who leave their mark in every possible immediate and long-term on the face of the city. The undergoing changes in the city over the last century are immense, even difficult to imagine how you see the city in fifty or a hundred years, or even in fifteen years and what will accumulate archived segments town.





Art Cube Artists' Studios

Artists Studios complex in Talpiot is the center of contemporary culture, offering creators  in visual arts rich environment. It includes subsidized studio spaces for artists who live in Jerusalem, gallery with changing exhibitions, visiting curators and lectures open to the public, as well as collaborations and exchange programs with institutions of art in the world. Artists Studios was established in 1982 by the Jerusalem Foundation, and was the first project of its kind in the country allowed to over sixteen artists work in a subsidized job, to encourage artistic endeavor in Jerusalem.

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