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Rigs & Table Games

Saturday, 29.8.2015 until 24.10.2015

Artist: Yemima Ergas
Curator: Max Epstein

Yemima`s installation is a sequent of her preoccupation with objects and
urban scenery, and presents objects that comprise painting and found items.
The urban sphere invades off-shore drilling rigs, generating recurring Images
of four-legged, huge, steel surfaces that allude to game tables. Ergas researches
the image of the table and examines the language of painting,
from realism to what nears abstract, with virtuosity.

The rigs resemble futuristic scenery, dystopic and aggressive – deserted islands,
detached from one another and devoid of human presence.
In the exhibition “Rigs & Table Games”, the painting itself is an object,
thus becoming one with the surroundings it portrays.

Gallery talk: Saturday, 10 October 2015 12:00

Yemima Ergas, Rig no.15, 2010, oil on panel and metal, 15x22x3 cm

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