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Opening: 29.10.21 at 12:30 - Closing: 9.12.21

Artist: Jacques Fhima
Curator: Gaby Hamburg Fhima

The exhibition “Aletheia” delineates the figure of the artist as an archaeologist of secrets, a detective seeking to decipher stories that were silenced, or a collector transforming his objects of desire into the raw material of his creation. Shifting between the personal and quotidian to the collective, the exhibition unfolds the intersections of truth and fiction.


Special screening of Jacques Fhima followed by a tour of the exhibition “Aletheia” with the artist and the curator.

Friday, 29.10 at 12:30 PM


Jacques Fhima, Rika Zaraï (Image from a series), Card and Postcard collage, 2003, 21X29 cm


Vila Contemporary Art Gallery

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