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29/1- 29/3/15

Artist: Group exhibition
Curator: Vered Hadad, Assisting Curator: Shosh Gross Israeli

Barbara deals with the links between Barbie dolls and our conceptions of self, society and environment. Barbie replaced previous generations’ cloth dolls, often homemade, that accompanied a girl from infancy to adulthood. Today’s girls, citizens of super-industrialized society, learn from a young age to use and dispose. In an age of consumption and replacement objects quickly lose value. The body itself, like the doll, becomes an object to decorate, paint and alter through an ever expanding beauty and plastic surgery industry. Focusing on Barbie allows a different discourse on liberation, discrimination, and issues of gender and feminine identity. Artistic research of the personal and social issues of femininity and gender will allow important and unusual artistic expression. This exhibition continues a line of conceptual thought and aims to create a new discourse on these loaded issues in our local art world.

Works by: Hanan abu Husain, Dan Orimian, Naama Attias, David Bovetes, Adi Edelsburg

Shosh  Gross Israeli, Shirly bar- amotz, Eva Dabara, Ora Ruven, Orly Droval,  Eva avidar,

Hili Greenfeld, Noa Cecilya Cohen, Tamar Lederberg, Noa Lerner, Rosen, Nadia Adina Rose, Elad Suzi Shumowitz, Yonatan Ron, Avner Sher, Chaia Shulo. , Rinat Schnadower

Events at Koresh gallery :

February 16- Monday starting from 19:00,Koresh 14 gallery in Seon H’oref events.

 In the program – street festival with lots of  young artists such as  fashion designers, illustrators,ceramists, goldsmiths, and many more talented artists that will sell their works in a fair price for every pocket. In addition a jam session will take place, arranged by Michael Aduards( bas ), Shir Ginot(percussion) and Itamar striar(guitar). Bring your instruments.  Basic amplification  will be available as well as bar for drinks in low prices  and a cozy sitting area with tea and cookies.


February 23 –Monday from 19:30-22:30, original animations nights –screening:

Uderneath the Refuge by Noa Evron, This is how is starts by Shahaf Ram, Howl by Natalie Bettelheim & Sharon Michaeli, Trade Victim by Vera Berzak, On the boundaries of drawing by Yoni Hashiloni.

February 25– ‘Talking cinema’ series. Screening of the movie: man bits dog (1992) – Rémy Belvaux, André Bonzel and Benoit Poelvoord


Koresh 14

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