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Chinese whispers

Main Exhibition 23\7. Avinoam's Exhibition 15\9 Closing12/11

Artist: Group exhibition
Curator: Vered Hadad

Isomorphism examines the transformation of an idea and space with four intertwined solo exhibitions. As part of Chinese Whispers, Avinoam Sternhaim creates with leftover materials and defective, discarded objects, combining them with elements drawn from tribal and pagan cultures, science fiction and horror film fantasies. The exhibition revolves around the question: how does a fantasy create reality and how does reality dissolve back into the fantasy?

The exhibition is supported by Mifal HaPayis, Culture Administration, and the Jerusalem Foundation

Artists:  Vered Hadad, Hili Greenfeld, Niv Cohen,Avinoam Sternhaim



















Avinoam Sternhaim, franco moon 2016 182X50X35 wood construction


Koresh 14

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