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Someone opened up and left

Opening: 28.10.20 - Closing: 10.12.20

Artist: Group Exhibition
Curator: Nava T. Barazani

Someone opened up and left. Everything is there, somewhere, but interrupted. The contextual discourse generated by the papers and the covert and overt surfaces reflects a narrative of transience, migration between borders, identity, control and loss of control. Someone opened to a page and left, leaving a continent, a shared mark, departing from an ingathering of human and animalistic dramas.


Artists: Etti Abergel, Hanan Offner, Einat Amir, Yemima Ergas, Israel Erlanger, Michael Ben Abu, Jermi Adani.


Jermi Adani, Horse and Rider, 2020, Mixed media, 36X24 cm


The Art Gallery of David Yellin Academic College of Education

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