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Stepping Out

15.10.15 - 15.11.15

Artist: Agripas 12 Gallery artists, guest artists
Curator: Leora Wise and Max Epstein

Agripas 12 courtyard is a “Jerusalem Mix” of beauty and negligence, of stone and plaster; its residents are persistent stray cats and stubborn weeds that grow wild on its walls.

The artists of Agripas 12, along with invited guest artists walked outside to the gallery’s small courtyard. Each artist observed, smelled, touched, listened and reacted to the outdoor space with a site-specific work.


Agripas 12

  Set up in 2004, the Agripas 12 Cooperative Gallery in Jerusalem functions independently on the basis of cooperation between its members. The fifteen gallery members work in the various visual arts and have maintained the gallery voluntarily over the past eight years, financing it without the help of public bodies and with no profit motive. The gallery is situated in the heart of Jerusalem and holds monthly exhibitions. Since its foundation it has featured more than eighty solo and group exhibitions. Gallery talks are held regularly at Agripas 12, with the participation of artists, lecturers, and curators. The gallery has been acknowledged as an important cultural venue in Israel, especially in Jerusalem.
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12 Agripas (entrance from the inner courtyard)
Mon.-Thu. 4:30pm-7:30pm, Fri., Sat. 11am-2pm
8, 18, 21, 25, 32, 74
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