להאמין Believe إرتياء

The main exhibition of the Manofim Festival for 2024 will be displayed in two buildings on Mount Zion, and another building overlooking the mountain. It was originally scheduled […]

Opening performance – The Great Gehenna Choir at the Dormition Church

The Great Gehenna Choir is an artistic collective, founded in Jerusalem in 2015 as an alternative to the common idea of a “choir”, and its members work and […]

Debriefing Session

Debriefing Session is a one-on-one meeting with a Public Movement Agent staged in a secret room within KW, Berlin. During this intimate encounter, the agent unfolds Public Movement’s […]

The Mixer

In times of crisis we sometimes tend to think that we must choose the instinct of survival, which reduces and streamlines, and in doing so, perhaps give up […]

The Mixer | “Devotion” – the Blind Orchestra rolls down an invisible path

With: Yael Deckelbaum, Jenny Penkin, Alon Neuman, Eyal Talmudi, Dor Levin, Yair “Nabi” Bar-Maoz, Nahdi Lazar and Dov “Balu” Rosen There are many moments at which we close […]

The Mixer | “In Partner” – an exposed performance for an equilateral triad

With: Ella Ronen, Ruth Dolores Weiss, Yehu Yaron In a time characterized by a great deal of confusion, after many institutions, conventions and structures collapsed on all of […]

The Mixer | “Pictures at an Exhibition” – musical paintings and open questions about undefined thoughts

With: Shalosh / guest artists: Maya Belsitzman, Daniella Tourgeman, Rebel Sun and Tula Ben Ari In the winter of 1874, after the death of the painter Viktor Hartmann, […]


In times like these, it seems that the only thing left for us to do is to believe. Believe in the possibility of a better future, and in […]

Elements | Motus Tardus

A dialogical performance between sound, man and machine – musician and sound technician Ehud Lax will create a series of real-time sound interventions in the installation “Body of […]

Elements | So that the Skies will Join

Shirel Horowitz and Maya Sharabani will inhabit the space of A Studio of Her Own and for one evening create a performance which will take form in collaboration […]

Elements | Fields

Instruments built by Gai Sherf are placed at the Ticho House garden. They are activated by moving them, sending sounds into the air, like ancient devices of long […]

Elements | Whispers for the Soul

“Whispers for the Soul” is a meditative, healing vocal performance that combines Lullabies from across the globe with soothing, caressing songs from the jewish scriptures, some well-known and […]

Elements | At Night I Am Everybody

Biographies have exhausted themselves. We must move on. Escape the political thicket of identity in order to soar to a different dimension, where I am – everybody. The […]

Elements | Between Poetry and Dance

The performance “Between Poetry and Dance” brings together dance and spoken poetry in the space of the exhibition “Between a Kiss and a Fist”. In the space between […]

Elements | Scary Clothes from Jerusalem

On the stair of Marie gallery, and with a soundtrack that will be played live by a veteran Jerusalem street musician, a performative fashion show by the designer […]

Elements | Nico Teen

Nico Teen’s creative Processes include composition and manipulation using tapes, archive materials and various electronic instruments. In the performance “Girls Just Wanna”, which is influenced by the exhibition […]

Elements | Horizon

“Horizon” – a collaborative performance by Jonathan Omer Mizrahi and Avital Geva, in which they join forces in front of an audience,  in painting and text which center […]

Elements | 4 Fantasies and a Monkey

Today, the empty space turns into a playground, a diving into the depths of the subconscious, an associative fluctuation between pieces of identity, taking off masks and putting […]

Elements | Peace Prayer Concert

An entire concert of prayer and praise, sung in different languages and drawn from Judeo-Christian liturgy. At a time of war and loss, the concert seeks to channel […]

Manofim Tours

A refreshing summer version of Manofim’s gallery tours program. A combination of the new exhibitions opening in galleries and exhibition spaces, and of art in public spaces. On […]

A Journey Across the Skies – The Bilingual Children’s Club

The roof of the Art Cube Artists’ Studios is a new space for creating and gathering, a safe space for diverse communities that usually don’t meet. Rooftops are […]